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January 22, 2010

Unnecessary Movie Remakes - Coming Soon!

New adaptations/reboots of movies in development:
-The A-Team
-Clash of the Titans
-A Nightmare on Elm Street
-The Wolfman
-Alice in Wonderland
-Robin Hood
-Death at a Funeral
-The Karate Kid

Most of these will be out in 2010. I'm sure this isn't all of them either. I think it's a little sad that no one can come up with an original idea for a movie these days. We're currently in the phase of remaking anything popular from the 80's, (except that "Death at a Funeral" was just made in 2007. The British version just isn't cool enough for American audiences, I guess). Even adaptations of novels are an easy way to make a movie without being a talented and creative writer. Disney has been throwing old animated films into theaters in 3-D format, which in some ways is a sad ploy to make money, it also gives young kids (and adults) a chance to see classic Disney films on the big screen.

2010 is also going to bring some utterly useless sequels, like "Shrek Forever After" (this is the FOURTH one!), and "Sex in the City 2." Next Halloween already has "Paranormal Activity 2" planned, as well as "Saw VII," which I must admit, I will actually go see. Let's not forget the highly anticipated "Toy Story 3" which is sure to be Pixar's big one for the year. If I've learned anything in my animated film experience it's that Pixar is incapable of making a bad film. Sadly, you'll have to wait until 2011 for "The Hangover 2," which will probably be awesome.

Check out the IMDB pages for the films above and let me know how ridiculous you think they're going to be...


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