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January 20, 2010

Let's see how my predictions went...

Here's the complete list of winners:

Basically, I only got three out of nine correct. That's a 33%. That's failing...

To be fair, I didn't answer the Best Actor: Drama category. And I picked Meryl Streep for Best Actress: Comedy, though not for the movie I thought (but it was for the movie I thought was more deserved). So here are my complaints:

Sandra Bullock's performance in "The Blindside" was not in any way more dramatic than her competitors, but I'll admit that the ones I've seen were much younger actresses, and I can understand how someone with her experience could be favored. However, "The Blindside" itself was in no way more dramatic than "Precious." In fact, I feel that "Precious" and director Lee Daniels really got shafted this year, except for Mo'Nique's win for Best Supporting Actress.

"The Hangover!?" Are you serious? Never in a million years thought it would win a Golden Globe. I guess that's why you get for being the highest grossing R-rated comedy ever (at least that's what I've read). Clearly the biggest upset.

Still haven't seen "Crazy Heart," but I'm glad Jeff Bridges won. Bravo to Christoph Waltz for his role in "Inglourious Basterds," and although no one was surprised that Meryl Streep took home yet another award, she at least is modest and humble enough to still appreciate every single one she gets.

Don't know how I feel yet about "Avatar" winning Best Picture: Drama. I'm fearing another Oscar sweep for James Cameron. I don't think the playing field is exactly leveled, considering his last major film, "Titanic," made him enough money to be able to take 10 years to work on "Avatar," allowing it to do the same thing. In his defense though, it is a pretty awesome film.

Hopefully reviews soon of recent new movies I've seen, and once I get through a bunch more I'll have some Oscar predictions.


p.s. I'm with Coco!

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  1. incorrect about the hangover