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January 22, 2010

Unnecessary Movie Remakes - Coming Soon!

New adaptations/reboots of movies in development:
-The A-Team
-Clash of the Titans
-A Nightmare on Elm Street
-The Wolfman
-Alice in Wonderland
-Robin Hood
-Death at a Funeral
-The Karate Kid

Most of these will be out in 2010. I'm sure this isn't all of them either. I think it's a little sad that no one can come up with an original idea for a movie these days. We're currently in the phase of remaking anything popular from the 80's, (except that "Death at a Funeral" was just made in 2007. The British version just isn't cool enough for American audiences, I guess). Even adaptations of novels are an easy way to make a movie without being a talented and creative writer. Disney has been throwing old animated films into theaters in 3-D format, which in some ways is a sad ploy to make money, it also gives young kids (and adults) a chance to see classic Disney films on the big screen.

2010 is also going to bring some utterly useless sequels, like "Shrek Forever After" (this is the FOURTH one!), and "Sex in the City 2." Next Halloween already has "Paranormal Activity 2" planned, as well as "Saw VII," which I must admit, I will actually go see. Let's not forget the highly anticipated "Toy Story 3" which is sure to be Pixar's big one for the year. If I've learned anything in my animated film experience it's that Pixar is incapable of making a bad film. Sadly, you'll have to wait until 2011 for "The Hangover 2," which will probably be awesome.

Check out the IMDB pages for the films above and let me know how ridiculous you think they're going to be...


January 20, 2010

Let's see how my predictions went...

Here's the complete list of winners:

Basically, I only got three out of nine correct. That's a 33%. That's failing...

To be fair, I didn't answer the Best Actor: Drama category. And I picked Meryl Streep for Best Actress: Comedy, though not for the movie I thought (but it was for the movie I thought was more deserved). So here are my complaints:

Sandra Bullock's performance in "The Blindside" was not in any way more dramatic than her competitors, but I'll admit that the ones I've seen were much younger actresses, and I can understand how someone with her experience could be favored. However, "The Blindside" itself was in no way more dramatic than "Precious." In fact, I feel that "Precious" and director Lee Daniels really got shafted this year, except for Mo'Nique's win for Best Supporting Actress.

"The Hangover!?" Are you serious? Never in a million years thought it would win a Golden Globe. I guess that's why you get for being the highest grossing R-rated comedy ever (at least that's what I've read). Clearly the biggest upset.

Still haven't seen "Crazy Heart," but I'm glad Jeff Bridges won. Bravo to Christoph Waltz for his role in "Inglourious Basterds," and although no one was surprised that Meryl Streep took home yet another award, she at least is modest and humble enough to still appreciate every single one she gets.

Don't know how I feel yet about "Avatar" winning Best Picture: Drama. I'm fearing another Oscar sweep for James Cameron. I don't think the playing field is exactly leveled, considering his last major film, "Titanic," made him enough money to be able to take 10 years to work on "Avatar," allowing it to do the same thing. In his defense though, it is a pretty awesome film.

Hopefully reviews soon of recent new movies I've seen, and once I get through a bunch more I'll have some Oscar predictions.


p.s. I'm with Coco!

January 15, 2010

First stop: the Golden Globes

This being the first post, an introduction is in order:

I watch a lot of movies. Over the past year or two, I've become quite the movie nerd. I talk about them a lot, and quote them more than necessary. Let's put it this way; I'm really good at "Scene It."

So, let's get started.

Award season has begun, and the first big one, the Golden Globe Awards, is Sunday. Here are the nominees:

Now the Golden Globes are often a preview of not only the nominees, but also the winners of the Academy Awards (Oscars). In fact, Academy Award nominations aren't even announced (or I guess voted on) until after the Golden Globes. To review the Golden Globe nominees:

Biggest surprise is "The Hangover" being nominated for Best Picture: Musical or Comedy. Though I strongly believe it was only nominated because of it's record box office sales for any rated-R comedy ever. Other than that, I already knew who most of the nominees would be because of reviews, general buzz and the typical choices we see every year (example: Meryl Streep, though she always deserves it). Now the categories:

Best Picture: Drama
Of these nominees, the most dramatic would be "The Hurt Locker" and "Precious." Though "Avatar" is a strong Best Picture contender for any award show, considering its record-breaking gross (second only to "Titanic") and of course its massive popularity. Yet, it fails to live up to the level of drama these two stories have ("Precious" being based on a novel that's based on true story). "Avatar" is a remarkable action film, yet that is not the same as a drama that contains pure human emotion, and something that everyone can take to heart.
Prediction: "The Hurt Locker"

Best Picture: Musical or Comedy
Earlier, I would have predicted "Nine," the musical starring multiple Academy Award winners and made by the director of Academy Award-winning "Chicago." Yet I've heard little about this film, and reviews haven't been much to get crazy about. "The Hangover" has the numbers, "It's Complicated" has real-life hilarity and top-notch actors, and "Julie and Julia" has charm.
Prediction: "It's Complicated" but my favorite was "(500) Days of Summer"

Best Actor: Drama
Four-time Academy Award nominee (but never winner) Jeff Bridges has been raved about for his performance in the less-raved about "Crazy Heart." He's already begun to win acting awards in other shows for this performance, and although I haven't seen this film (yet), I think he may take this one. I think his best contender is George Clooney. His performance in "Up in the Air" is being called his best yet, though I still haven't seen this one either. So for this one, I don't know. No prediction.

Best Actress: Drama
Sandra Bullock was great, but I don't think great enough. Gabby Sidibe was phenomenal, though her role in "Precious" was her first film ever, and unlikely to win awards. Carey Mulligan in "An Education" was charming and extremely likable, but I don't think this film was enough of a drama. These three are the ones I've seen from this category, so again I'm not positive.
Prediction: Carey Mulligan, though I don't fully agree with it.

Best Actor: Musical or Comedy
Only saw one of these, but let's be honest; none of these guys are making it to the Best Actor category in the Oscars this year.
Prediction: Matt Damon

Best Actress: Musical or Comedy
Meryl Streep is up against herself. She's taking it.
Prediction: Meryl Streep in "It's Complicated," though it should be for "Julie and Julia"

Best Supporting Actor
Matt Damon was great in "Invictus" and thought I haven't seen "The Lovely Bones" yet, Stanley Tucci looks fantastic. Though from the films I've seen, I've got to give major credit to Christoph Waltz for being a primarily German film actor, and also for completely stealing the entire show in "Inglourious Basterds." It's arguable whether Brad Pitt event counts as the lead in that one.
Prediction: Christoph Waltz

Best Supporting Actress
I've only seen Mo'Nique's role in "Precious," but I think she can beat out the competition. Even both supporting actresses in "Up in the Air."
Prediction: Mo'Nique

Best Director
All superb directors, but this usually hangs on the Best Picture winner. These are all dramas, by the way, which makes it even easier to decide. The tough call is Kathryn Bigelow or James Cameron. Cameron has the groundbreaking technology of "Avatar," and Bigelow has the gritty realism of "The Hurt Locker." When it comes down to it, "Avatar" took a lot more work.
Prediction: James Cameron (yeah, I'm going against the rules)

Best Screenplay
This is broken down into two categories come Oscar time, but here it's just one. Because he needs to win something for this immensely enjoyable revenge story, Tarantino needs this. I mean the script did take him like 10 years.
Prediction: Quentin Tarantino

I'm not going near the television categories. Not my style. Though I am a huge fan of "The Office."

That's all for now. Sorry my first post is a long one (award predictions tend to be). Stay tuned for reviews of movies I've seen recently.

Hope you learned something...