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March 9, 2010

So How Were My Oscar Predictions?

Full List of Winners

Of the nine categories I made predictions for, I only had two wrong (which were the Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay categories). I also predicted that hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin would kinda suck, and they kinda did...

However, Sacha Baron Cohen was nowhere to be seen, though I read somewhere he was planning a ridiculous appearance and was told he was not allowed. The tribute to late writer/director John Hughes was unexpected, and probably the highlight of this year's ceremony. Seeing stars of his hit 80's comedies, along with a montage of memorable scenes and interviews with Hughes himself really gave him the Oscar attention he never received.

That's pretty much all there is to comment on at this point. Next, I think I'll be taking a look at some highly anticipated films of 2010, as well as possible contenders for next year's Oscars (yeah, sometimes you can tell this early).


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