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February 3, 2010

My Predictions weren't too far off...

Academy Awards nominees were announced yesterday, and here's how close my predictions came:

note: what's listed is just what I didn't include in each category

Best Picture:
-District 9
-The Blind Side
-A Serious Man

Honestly, I never thought "The Blind Side" would end up on this list. I was also wrong in assuming the Cohen brothers wouldn't be seen too much but no, here they are in the Best Picture list; a category they often visit, but not as often win. These additions, as well as other nominees don't really matter. It's all between "Avatar" and "The Hurt Locker."

Best Director:
-Lee Daniels, "Precious"

The one director I thought would be missing, and there he is. He was definitely missing for the Golden Globes, but oh well. He's here now and that's what counts.

Best Actor and Best Actress were spot on. Go me.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
-Christopher Plummer, "The Last Station"

I should probably see this movie. But then again, he's not gonna win.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
-Maggie Gyllenhaal, "Crazy Heart"

Need to see this one too.

Best Original Screenplay:
-The Messenger
-A Serious Man

The Cohen brothers again. Haven't seen "The Messenger." And "Up" is a bit of a surprise.

Best Adapted Screenplay:
-In the Loop (I've never even heard of this)
-An Education

"An Education" is a nice addition to this. To tell the truth, it's hard to decide what a good adapted screenplay is if you haven't read the original material.

Biggest let downs: No recognition whatsoever for "(500) Days of Summer." Plus I've already mentioned my distaste for the over-crowded Best Picture category. Okay, even Oscar talk. Winner predictions when it gets closer (they air March 7).


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